sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

Freaks, Addicts, Lovers, Hookers, Bloggers.

So, who can be a blogger and who don’t? 
Should I write about every damn thing in my head?
You know, Maybe I want to blog my sexual experience with some animal and , yes, that would probably bring me a lot of visitors but…

Gross, isnt it?

Well as I was saying, who may be a blogger? Probably everybody can . And even more probably no one should -hahaha-, but you know, people say life isnt about trying, its just about doing. 

Charles Bukowski, the man up here with cigarrette, champain bottle, and half bohemian half alcoholic looking, never tried to write pretty poetry for heartbreakers, or heart seekers. He was just a drinker, a man of alleys, the kind of man that fall in love with a hooker, the man in love with sex. A depressive genious.
He just wrote down the words, and made money for it...

If you have a confession, just confess. If you don't find any secret in yourself, well, look better.

So...the lesson:
If you can't be the bullet, be the gun
If you can't write a song, be the song,
and if you can't find a way of using yourself..................ummm......
just be water -hahahahaha-, "Be water my friend".

P.S.: Ill think about the fucking-animals thing.
P.S.2: Thanks for reading.

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